Pearson Geography 7 Activity Book

Andrew Peters

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Pearson Geography 7 Activity Book

By Andrew Peters
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Andrew Peters
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Write-in Activity Books cater for a variety of learning styles, reinforcing and enriching learning and skills initiated in the student book. The Activity Book can be independently used by students, in-class, or as a complete homework program.

Written and reviewed by a team of over 17 trained and qualified geography teachers from around Australia including lead author for the student books, Grant Kleeman, a consultant and advisor for the F-10 Australian Curriculum: Geography and a main writer for Australian Curriculum: Geography Senior.

Andrew Peters is a highly accomplished, Singapore-based, geography teacher. He has co- authored a number of geography textbooks.

  • Caters to a variety of learning styles to reinforce and enrich learning and skills initiated in the student book.
  • Designed for independent use by students, for in-class use or as a complete homework program.
  • The end of each chapter contains a ‘literacy review’ worksheet that assists with literacy and revision of vocab catering towards the Australian Curriculum General Capability of Literacy.
  • Cater for a variety of learning styles, with plenty of visual, written and data interpretation exercises.
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Table of contents
  • How to use this book
  • Chapter 1: Geography It's all around us
  • Chapter 2: Maps
  • Chapter 3: Weather and Climate
  • Chapter 4: Weather Hazards and Disasters
  • Chapter 5: Water a Renewable Resource
  • Chapter 6: Water Resource Management
  • Chapter 7: Australia's Water Resources
  • Chapter 8: Liveability
  • Chapter 9: Places Peaople Live In
  • Chapter 10: Change
  • Chapter 11: Enhancing Living

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