Write Well Year 2, 6th Edition

Eve Recht

Write Well Year 2, 6th Edition

By Eve Recht
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Eve Recht
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Write Well is a popular handwriting series full of interesting writing to read, copy and enjoy: stories and poems; recipes and experiments; maps and diagrams; jokes, crosswords and more.

This edition provides clear instructions for letter formation and an increased emphasis on children developing handwriting skills by composing their own texts.

Write Well is a complete student activity book handwriting series for the primary school years. It is simple, smart and accessible in design with carefully devised, real passages of text and fun illustrations.

Eve Recht is a full-time educational writer and consultant who lives in Melbourne, Victoria. She has many commercially published educational books and website materials in her portfolio, with the focus on handwriting, comprehension and reading programs, Eve also has considerable expertise in writing and reviewing large-scale literacy and numeracy assessment programs for government and research institutions.
  • teaches the Victorian Modern Cursive style
  • encourages correct letter formation through clear models and instructions
  • promotes understanding of the purposes of writing
  • develops fluency and legibility
  • enhances spelling skills
  • provides extension work
  • provides formats for children to write their own handwriting activities
  • encourages self assessment.
Target audience
Suitable for Lower Primary students.

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