The Publishing and Display Handbook

Sheena Cameron

The Publishing and Display Handbook

By Sheena Cameron
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Sheena Cameron
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The Publishing and Display Handbook is a resource book full of information about the classroom environment, display and student publishing.

The first part provides guidelines and ideas to assist teachers in creating interesting and functional classroom environments. The second part provides a reference of ideas for publishing and display formats to present students’ work. These ideas can be adapted for use across the curriculum in a number of different contexts.

Sheena Cameron is an experienced teacher who has taught in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. She has taught at primary, intermediate and tertiary levels. Sheena currently facilitates literacy workshops both in New Zealand and internationally and continues to teach in the classroom regularly to keep in touch with the real world of teaching.

The Publishing and Display Handbook includes:

  • ideas to help create a well organised and interesting classroom environment
  • exciting ideas for classroom display
  • over 80 trialled formats to inspire student publishing
  • over 60 photocopy masters to support student learning and save teacher time
  • student information sheets and checklists to encourage independent learning.
Target audience
The book is suitable for students at all levels of primary/elementary and intermediate/middle schools, including students with special need and gifted and talented students.
Table of contents


1 Your classroom environment
Ideas for a well-organised classroom environment
Classroom layout
Curriculum learning areas
Creating a culturally inclusive classroom
Resource and storage areas
Your blackboard/whiteboard
Creating a healthy physical environment
Classroom environment checklist

2 Displays
Ideas for classroom and individual student displays
Some points to consider
Bulletin boards
Mounting student art work
Ideas for frames
Structures for displaying work
Creating 3D effects using paper

3 The Science centre
Make you classroom an exciting living and changing environment
Living things in the classroom
Growing and caring for plants in the classroom
Keeping small animals in the classroom
Science centre checklist

4 Publishing formats
Exciting and achievable ideas to inspire your students to publish their work
Theatres and dioramas
Displays to hang
Other ideas

Ideas to display class sets of written work

Photocopy masters

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