Nitty Gritty 1: Hot Money

Bill Nagelkerke

Nitty Gritty 1: Hot Money

By Bill Nagelkerke
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Bill Nagelkerke
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It’s not every day that ten thousand dollars lands at your feet. Miles and August are mucking around on their bikes after school when a bank robber’s proceeds are flung from a speeding car’s window, with the police in hot pursuit. Miles knows what he must do with the money – he must hand it in, right? But he and Dad could really use ten thousand bucks right now – they could move out of Gran’s place, maybe even buy a house of their own . . .

Bill Nagelkerke is a prolific New Zealand children’s writer and children’s librarian. His stories, poems and plays have appeared in several New Zealand anthologies and he has published many titles in the education market. His work has also been broadcast on National Radio’s ‘Storytime’ and various children’s television programmes, including Playschool. In both 2006 and 2008 he was successfully nominated by Storylines to be a member of the international Hans Christian Andersen Award jury.

What Nitty Gritty brings to your classroom:

  • High interest, rich texts with themes relevant and of interest to young adolescents
  • Stimulating and engaging discussion prompts, and activities focusing on key critical literacy areas including author purpose, power of language, characterisation, bias, point of view and more.
  • Cutting-edge design and text layout to engage young adult readers
  • Text written by a range of local and international authors including Diana Noonan, Jillian Sullivan, William Taylor, Stu Duval, Tina Shaw, John Lockyer, Glynne MacLean and more
  • a range of genres: mystery, adventure, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and contemporary fiction
  • Different social and cultural perspectives, strong themes and messages to spark discussion. and encourage the questioning, challenging and deconstructing of texts
  • Gatefold back covers with critical literacy discussion prompts for literature circles.