Sharing Our Stories 1: Turtle Dreaming

Manungrida Aboriginal Community

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Sharing Our Stories 1: Turtle Dreaming

By Manungrida Aboriginal Community
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Manungrida Aboriginal Community
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Maningrida community is located in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. People from Maningrida community have chosen to share one of their traditional stories, the tale of Turtle Dreaming. Turtle Dreaming is the Middjarn song and dance, which tells of singing, dancing and hunting. This story is traditionally told in the Ndjebbana language and has been translated into English for Sharing Our Stories.

  • Developed to be integrated into existing SOSE/HSIE/Humanities (strands/units on culture and beliefs) and English units of work
  • Covers a diverse range of Indigenous communities
  • Could have multiple uses in a literacy session, e.g. shared reading, comprehension, promotion of critical literacy skills
  • Genre studies - traditional tales and oral histories/storytelling; provides opportunities for students to explore recounts and narratives
  • Culturally relevant for Indigenous students
  • Includes supportive teaching notes for educators who are not confident in teaching Indigenous studies
Target audience

Suitable for middle to upper primary students

Series overview

Each Sharing Our Stories book focuses on one Indigenous Australian community. The opening of each book is built around a series of photographs describing the local community setting, and establishing the community in a particular place and time.

Following this is one story shared by that particular community, which conveys a message connected to the group's traditions or social conventions. The stories are illustrated with paintings and drawings by children from the local community. Using a mixture of traditional and modern-day influences, the artwork brings the stories to life through the children's personal interpretations.

A series of photographic portraits of the children who have created the artwork concludes each book. These photographs are taken in settings that tell us even more about the cultural environment and lifestyle of the child.

Supplement URL

Visit the Sharing our Stories site where you can download sample pages and explore the components of this series.



Sharing Our Stories was created in partnership with the SharingStories Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that works with Indigenous communities. Its aim is to protect, maintain and grow language, stories and cultural heritage using digital technologies and artforms for the benefit of children.


This landmark series supports shared reading, comprehension and critical literacy skills, as well as Humanities and Social Sciences in middle and upper primary classrooms.

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