Promoting Student Learning (Pearson Original Edition), 2nd Edition

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Promoting Student Learning (Pearson Original Edition), 2nd Edition

By Linley Cornish, John Garner
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This Pearson Original edition is published specifically for the University of New England.

The authors advocate an approach to teaching that is based on 'the teacher as reflective practitioner' and to learning that is based on constructivism and metacognition. A reflective practitioner will experiment with a range of strategies and evaluate them for their effectiveness in terms of student learning. Thus the book contains both a summary of some current ideas about learning and a description of many student-centred, active-learning strategies that can be used to supplement didactic teaching in today's diverse classrooms. Specific teaching strategies explored include planning, questioning, explaining and assessing.

  • addresses a large number of the Professional Teaching Standards from the NSW Institute of Teachers, especially those concerned with teaching and assessing diverse cohorts of students
  • simple language that summarises main ideas in a comprehensible way, making the book suitable for intending teachers from a broad range of backgrounds
  • balance of theory and practice so readers know why particular strategies are likely to be effective
  • emphasis on reader engagement with examples of applying strategies in a range of subject areas
  • focus on catering for individual differences and diverse classrooms
  • focus on the factors necessary to develop effective learners — developing a positive self image by learning how to learn and achieving success in learning
  • selected teaching skills examined in depth — planning, questioning, explaining, assessing
  • planning frameworks described in detail — the Teaching Cycle, Bloom's Taxonomy (to plan for depth), Multiple Intelligences (to plan for breadth), graphic organisers (to plan in general and to plan for diversity), cooperative learning structures
  • a number of 'deep learning' and metacognitive strategies are described, including literacy strategies for teachers in all subject areas
  • reflective approach to classroom and behaviour management
Table of contents

About the authors
Chapter 1: First thoughts about learning to teach
Chapter 2: Learning – its nature and organisation
Chapter 3: Developing effective learners
Chapter 4: Some teaching skills
Chapter 5: Classroom control
Chapter 6: Individual differences
Chapter 7: Language in the classroom
Chapter 8: Strategies to promote deep learning
Chapter 9: Assessment
Chapter 10: On becoming a teacher
Bibliography and references for further reading