Making Connections Interactive Big Book 1

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Making Connections Interactive Big Book 1

By Kay Kovalevs, Alison Dewsbury
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The Making Connections Interactive Big Books are laminated so that students can work interactively with the teacher and mark up the text. To do this:
  • the teacher models the work while students circle/underline words they don't understand
  • as a group, students and teacher revisit the text, re-reading the stories until the meaning of the text is clear.

This is comprehension monitoring and is an integral part of Making Connections. The Big Books have Reader Response and Questioning Texts to support the development of critical literacy and to encourage students to generate questions at a literal, inferential and evaluative level.

Target audience
Suitable for lower Primary students
Series overview
Making Connections provides an explicit framework to teach comprehension skills. It offers:
  • explicit instruction in comprehension skills and strategies
  • texts that are written specifically for each skill
  • interactive big books that enable teachers to model comprehension skills and strategies
  • Blackline Master books that provide practice and consolidation in comprehension skills and strategies
  • fiction and non-fiction books where students apply comprehension skills in a real-world context
  • Teacher's Resource Books and CD-ROMs that include a variety of assessment texts, assessment proformas and graphic organisers
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