Real Life Advanced Workbook

Jo Kent

Real Life Advanced Workbook

By Jo Kent
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Jo Kent
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Workbook (includes Skills Multi-ROM)
  • Grammar practice with Grammar reference on the same page with simple explanations and examples
  • Exam practice tasks in the skills sections
  • Extensive writing practice to build skills for typical exam text types, with model texts and explanations on the structure and content
  • 6 Self-assessment Tests corresponding with the Active Study sections in the Students’ Book. The answer key is provided for students to assess their progress before attempting the tests in the Test Master
  • Exam trainer sections with three Exam Tests. The Exam Trainer provides comprehensive exams training and practice tests
  • Activities to build reading, listening, speaking and English-in-use exam skills
  • Exam Tips on how to deal with exam tasks
  • Exam Test for every two Exam Trainers, with answer key for students to assess their progress
  • Includes a bank of language functions covered in the Students’ Book
  • A full word list organised by topic
  • Audio for the listening exercises is in the Skills Multi-ROM
Skills Multi-ROM contains:
  • Skills practice exercises for each of the twelve units, including interactive communication tasks where students can role play and record their part of the dialogue
  • Self-assessment Tests (from the Workbook)
  • Mid-year and end-of-year tests to prepare students for the class tests
  • Topic wordlists from the Workbook with audio and example sentences
  • Practice exercises on the topic vocabulary
  • Functions list from the Workbook (with audio)
  • The audio for the Workbook
  • Also included in the Active Teach so that the teacher can use the exercises in class
Series overview
Real Life brings English to life and makes learning enjoyable and achievable through practical tasks and evocative topics.

Real Life gives students the English language skills to talk about issues that are important to their lives. With a light, colourful look and feel, it is socially oriented with a focus on real people and situations. Real Life appeals to students who need a more manageable path to exam success.

Age: 15-19 year olds