Longman Literature: Journey to Jo'burg, 2nd Edition

Beverley Naidoo

Longman Literature: Journey to Jo'burg, 2nd Edition

By Beverley Naidoo
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Beverley Naidoo
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This award-winning title provides a moving insight into life and conditions for a black family during Apartheid in South Africa.

Thirteen-year-old Naledi’s mother lives and works as a maid in Johannesburg, 300 kilometres away from her home village and her children. When Dineo, Naledi’s baby sister, falls ill, Naledi knows she must find her mother. She and her brother, Tiro, set out on foot on an eye-opening journey, during which they are confronted at every turn by the harsh realities of apartheid.

This edition contains a revised introduction by author Beverly Naidoo, which provides an insight into her own experiences and the inspiration for the novel. A sequence of photographs from the period is also included, to help pupils understand the harsh realities faced by Naledi and Tiro.

What are the themes?
Individual vs. society, families and different cultures.

Teaching points
Ideal for thought-provoking multicultural work. Provides numerous opportunities for exploring narrative devices, characterisation and the wider historical context of the novel. New versions of the author’s essay and introduction provide an ideal opportunity for developing pupils’ cultural and critical understanding.