Technical Communication, Global Edition, 15th Edition

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Technical Communication, Global Edition, 15th Edition

By John M. Lannon, Laura J. Gurak
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John M. Lannon all
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Complete coverage for any course in technical communication, business communication, or professional writing

Today's workplace requires writing emails, memos, letters, andinformal reports, as well as more complex communications such as formal reports, proposals, web pages, and presentations. Technical Communication, 15th Edition guides students to write persuasively, effectively, and with perspective on technological innovations and global communications.

Lannon and Gurak incorporate the interpersonal, logical, ethical,and cultural demands of different forms of workplace communications, and encourage the development of skills students will need to navigate these considerations. Building on research and writing skills, the authors prepare students for technical writing in any field. The 15th Edition incorporates the latest innovations in workplace communication and today's technologically sophisticated, diverse, and global workforce, while retaining and expanding upon the features that have made it a best-seller in technical communication.
Table of contents
  • Part 1: Communicating in the Workplace
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Technical Communication
  • Chapter 2: Meeting the Needs of Specific Audiences
  • Chapter 3: Persuading Your Audience
  • Chapter 4: Weighing the Ethical Issues
  • Chapter 5: Teamwork and Global Considerations
  • Chapter 6: An Overview of the Technical Writing Process
  • Part 2: The Research Process
  • Chapter 7 :Thinking Critically about the Research Process
  • Chapter 8: Evaluating and Interpreting Information
  • Chapter 9: Summarizing Research Findings and Other Information
  • Part 3: Organization, Style, and Visual Design
  • Chapter 10: Organizing for Readers
  • Chapter 11: Editing for a Professional Style and Tone
  • Chapter 12: Designing Visual Information
  • Chapter 13: Designing Pages and Documents
  • Part 4: Specific Documents and Applications
  • Chapter 14: Email
  • Chapter 15: Workplace Memos and Letters
  • Chapter 16: Résumés and Other Job-Search Materials
  • Chapter 17: Technical Definitions
  • Chapter 18: Technical Descriptions, Specifications, and Marketing Materials
  • Chapter 19: Instructions and Procedures
  • Chapter 20: Informal Reports
  • Chapter 21: Formal Analytical Reports
  • Chapter 22: Proposals
  • Chapter 23: Oral Presentations and Video Conferencing
  • Chapter 24: Blogs, Wikis, and Web Pages
  • Chapter 25: Social Media
  • Part 5: Resources for Technical Writers
  • Appendix A: A Quick Guide to Documentation
  • Appendix B: A Quick Guide to Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics