International Relations, Global Edition eBook, 12th Edition

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International Relations, Global Edition eBook, 12th Edition

By Joshua Goldstein, Jon C. Pevehouse
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Joshua Goldstein all
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For courses in Introduction to International Relations

International Relations enables students to form a framework for analysing the complex and constantly changing information that comprises our increasingly interconnected world. Opening students’ eyes to the positive and negative events that occur across the globe every day, authors Jon Pevehouse and Joshua Goldstein offer a strong foundation in current global affairs, with insight into topics like foreign assistance in the developing world, the changing nature of war, and global poverty levels. The 12th Edition offers significant new and revised content — on the North Korean nuclear crisis, the 2016 U.S. election results, and more — to give students an up-to-date view of international relations.

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Table of contents
  • 1. The Globalization of International Relations
  • 2. Realist Theories
  • 3. Liberal and Social Theories
  • 4. Foreign Policy
  • 5. International Conflict
  • 6. Military Force and Terrorism
  • 7. International Organization, Law, and Human Rights
  • 8. International Trade
  • 9. Global Finance and Business
  • 10. International Integration
  • 11. Environment and Population
  • 12. The North-South Gap
  • 13. International Development
  • 14. Postscript

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