Financial Management: Principles and Applications, Global Edition eBook, 14th Edition

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Financial Management: Principles and Applications, Global Edition eBook, 14th Edition

By Sheridan Titman, Arthur J. Keown, John D. Martin
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Sheridan Titman all
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For undergraduate courses in corporate finance and financial management.

Develop and begin to apply financial principles

Students often struggle to see how financial concepts relate to their personal lives and prospective careers Financial Management: Principles and Applications gives students a big picture perspective of finance and how it is important in their personal and professional lives. Utilising five key principles, the 14th Global Edition provides an approachable introduction to financial decision-making, weaving in real-world issues to demonstrate the practical applications of critical financial concepts.

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Table of contents
  • Part 1: Introduction to Financial Management
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started—Principles of Finance
  • Chapter 2: Firms and the Financial Markets
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Financial Statements
  • Chapter 4: Financial Analysis Sizing Up Firm Performance
  • Chapter 5: The Time Value of Money—The Basics
  • Chapter 6: The Time Value of Money—Annuities and Other Topics
  • Chapter 7: An Introduction to Risk and Return—History of Financial Market Returns
  • Chapter 8: Risk and Return—Capital Market Theory
  • Chapter 9: Debt Valuation and Interest Rates
  • Chapter 10: Stock Valuation
  • Part 3: Capital Budgeting
  • Chapter 11: Investment Decision Criteria
  • Chapter 12: Analyzing Project Cash Flows
  • Chapter 13: Risk Analysis and Project Evaluation
  • Chapter 14: The Cost of Capital
  • Part 4: Capital Structure and Dividend Policy
  • Chapter 15: Capital Structure Policy
  • Chapter 16: Dividend and Share Repurchase Policy
  • Part 5: Liquidity Management and Special Topics in Finance
  • Chapter 17: Financial Forecasting and Planning
  • Chapter 18: Working-Capital Management
  • Chapter 19: International Business Finance
  • Chapter 20: Corporate Risk Management
  • Glossary