Essentials of MIS, Global Edition MyLab MIS with eText, 14th Edition

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Essentials of MIS, Global Edition MyLab MIS with eText, 14th Edition

By Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon
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Kenneth C. Laudon all
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For introductory courses in Information Systems or Management Information Systems.

Essentials of MIS is an in-depth look at how today’s businesses use information technologies and systems to achieve their corporate objectives. Current real-world business cases illustrate how companies have identified, and ultimately solved, key business challenges using information systems and technologies. Through the use of Essentials of MIS, students will be able to participate in, and even lead, management discussions of information systems for a firm.

The 14th Edition consists of 12 chapters with hands-on projects that cover the most essential topics in MIS, all updated with new figures, tables, and cases. In addition to the core text, this edition includes a Video Case Package consisting of 28 video case studies and 10 instructional videos to illustrate business uses of information systems, explain new technologies, and explore concepts. The knowledge and information in this book will be most valuable to students — regardless of major — throughout their business careers.
New to this edition
  • The chapter on Artificial Intelligence (AI) – including machine learning, natural language systems, computer vision systems, and robotics – has been rewritten to reflect the surging interest in AI and “intelligent” techniques in business.
  • The chapter on Making the Business Case for Systems has been rewritten to provide expanded coverage of techniques and decision making criteria for developing a business case for the acquisition and deployment of information systems and related technologies.
  • Big data, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are thoroughly discussed. This includes big data analytics, analyzing IoT data streams, Hadoop, in-memory computing, non-relational databases, data lakes, and analytic platforms.
  • Cloud computing is presented in greater detail with a focus on: types of cloud services (and a new Interactive Session on how to use them), private and public clouds, hybrid clouds, and ways to manage cloud services.
  • New e-commerce content describes how social tools, mobile technology, and location-based services are transforming marketing and advertising.
  • Social Business coverage is now presented with in-depth discussions of enterprise (internal corporate) social networking, as well as social networking in e-commerce. Some topics include:
    • Supervised and unsupervised learning
    • Edge computing
    • 5G networks
    • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    • Mobile device management (MDM)
    • Data governance
    • Dark web
  • The Video Cases collection, including 28 video cases – two or more per chapter – and 10 additional instructional videos, illustrates how real-world corporations and managers are using information technology and systems. Students then apply the concepts of the book to the analysis of the video.
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Table of contents
  • 1. Business Information Systems in Your Career
  • 2. Global E-business and Collaboration
  • 3. Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information Systems
  • 4. Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems
  • 5. IT Infrastructure: Hardware and Software
  • 6. Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management
  • 7. Telecommunications, the Internet, and Wireless Technology
  • 8. Securing Information Systems
  • 9. Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy: Enterprise Applications
  • 10. E-commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods
  • 11. Improving Decision Making and Managing Artificial Intelligence
  • 12. Making the Business Case for Information Systems and Managing Projects

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