Introductory Algebra, Global Edition eBook, 11th Edition

Marge Lial all

Introductory Algebra, Global Edition eBook, 11th Edition

By Marge Lial, John Hornsby, Terry McGinnis
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Marge Lial all
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For courses in Beginning Algebra.


The Lial Series has helped thousands of students succeed in developmental mathematics by combining clear, concise writing and examples with carefully crafted exercises to support skill development and conceptual understanding. Written with the developmental learner in mind, the precise, accessible writing style delivers help precisely when needed. The revision of the series faithfully continues to support students with enhancements in the text


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Student-friendly features to make math accessible

  • Margin Problems allow students to immediately practice the example material and check their answer at the bottom of the page in preparation for the exercise sets.
  • Real-Life Applications with interesting data are used in many new or updated examples and exercises throughout the text. Students are often asked to find data in a table, chart, graph, or advertisement. These applied problems provide an up-to-date flavor that will appeal to and motivate students.
  • Learning Objectives begin each section, and all material is keyed to these objectives to let students and instructors know exactly what will be covered.
  • Pointers within examples, Cautions (highlighted in yellow) and Notes (highlighted in blue) provide students with important, on-the-spot reminders and warnings about common pitfalls.

· Expanded! A popular feature, Pointers have been increased in this edition.

  • UPDATED! Study Skills activities provide students with proven strategies for learning math. Many of these now include a Now Try This section to increase student involvement and accountability for the study skills activities.
  • Vocabulary Tips in the margins of the first few chapters help students learn root words and prefixes.
  • The new and engaging Chapter Openers portray real-life situations that make math relevant for students.
  • Figures and Photos provide visual learners with a presentation of mathematical figures, diagrams, tables, and graphs whenever possible and use a style similar to that seen by students in today’s print and electronic media. These have been increased in this revision.  


Pedagogy that develops conceptual understanding alongside skill development

  • Concept Checks at the start of exercise sets ensure students have the skills to proceed, and later help students consolidate learning by writing, correcting errors, and practicing processes.
    • EXPANDED! Some Concept Checks include What Went Wrong Exercises, which have been expanded in this revision. Earlier editions of the text included exercises designed to help students find and fix errors, but in this edition these exercises have been updated and expanded with explicit instructions to emphasise the importance of this aspect of the learning process. When students can find and correct errors, they are demonstrating a higher level of understanding and conceptual knowledge.
  • UPDATED! Relating Concepts exercises, located at the end of many section exercise sets, help students tie concepts together and develop higher-level problem-solving skills as they compare and contrast ideas, identify and describe patterns, and extend concepts to new situations. These exercises make great collaborative activities for pairs or small groups of students. Many more of these problem types have been included in the revision
  • EXPANDED! Guided Solution exercises, noted with a “GS” in the margin and exercise sets, show the first steps of the solution process, providing guidance to students as they start learning a new concept or procedure. These exercises encourage understanding of the problem solving process, rather than completing the steps by rote, and also keep students on the right track as they work through the problem-solving steps.
  • Summary Exercises are available in every chapter to offer a mid-chapter review and provide students with the all-important mixed practice they need at these critical points in their skill development.
  • An emphasis on problem solving is introduced and integrated as a six-step process for solving application problems algebraically: Read, Assign a Variable, Write an Equation, Solve, State the Answer, and Check.
  • UPDATED! Examples and exercises have been adjusted or replaced with current data. Applications put math in context to motivate students and were updated to cover a wider variety of topics, including technology, ecology, and health sciences. The variety of end-of-section exercise sets provide students with opportunities to practice, apply, connect, and extend the skills they are learning.
  • End of Chapter material includes a Chapter Summary with terms with definitions and graphics, New Formulas and Symbols, Test Your Word Power, and Quick Review for each section with extra examples.
    • Test Your Word Power, incorporated into each Chapter Summary, helps students understand and master mathematical vocabulary. Key terms from the chapter are presented along with three possible definitions in a multiple-choice format. Answers and examples illustrating each term are provided.
    • EXPANDED! In addition to Chapter Review exercises keyed to sections from the chapter, Chapter Reviews include a full page of dedicated Mixed Review exercises, to help students synthesise concepts.
    • Chapter Test allows students to prepare for the real thing. Students can watch an instructor work out the full solutions to each Chapter Test problem in the Chapter Test Prep Videos.
Table of contents
  • 1. The Real Number System
  • 2. Equations, Inequalities, and Applications 
  • 3. Graphs of Linear Equations and Inequalities in Two Variables
  • 4. Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
  • 5. Exponents and Polynomials
  • 6. Factoring and Applications
  • 7. Rational Expressions and Applications
  • 8. Roots and Radicals
  • 9. Quadratic Equations
  • Appendix: Factoring Sums and Differences of Cubes