Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication, 5th Edition

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Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication, 5th Edition

By Ralph Tench, Steven Waddington
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Ralph Tench all
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Develop a clear understanding of the concepts and best practices in public relations

Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication, 5th Edition by Tench and Waddington is the definitive text on public relations. Blending theory with real-life applications. this book offers critical analysis with updated case studies, exercises and discussion questions that provide you with a holistic subject understanding. It also engages you with the thought processes behind some of the latest PR campaigns. This fundamental yet very practical text recognises the strategic importance of public relations to organisations, growing conversation about professionalism in practice and professional ethics. A comprehensive coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic helps you understand the implications of this global crisis on public relations and strategic communication.
Table of contents
  • Part 1 The context of public relations
  • 1. Public relations origins: definitions and history
  • 2. Public relations and the media
  • 3. Digital and social media
  • 4. Public relations and democracy
  • 5. Community and society: corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • 6. Intercultural and multicultural context of public relations
  • 7. Role of the public relations practitioner
  • Part 2 Public relations theories and concepts
  • 8. Public relations theories: an overview
  • 9. Strategic public relations planning and management
  • 10. Public relations programme research and evaluation
  • 11. Corporate image, reputation and identity
  • 12. Public relations, propaganda and the psychology of persuasion
  • 13. Public relations’ professionalism and ethics
  • Part 3 Public relations specialisms
  • 14. Media relations
  • 15. Internal communication
  • 16. Managing community involvement programmes
  • 17. Issues management
  • 18. Crisis public relations management
  • 19. Public relations and the consumer
  • 20. Business-to-business public relations
  • 21. Public affairs
  • 22. Public relations in the world of finance
  • 23. Integrated marketing communications
  • 24. Sponsorship
  • Part 4 Sectoral considerations
  • 25. Non-government organisations and pressure groups
  • 26. Corporate communication
  • 27. Celebrity public relations
  • 28. Strategic communication and social marketing in healthcare organisations
  • 29. What next? Future issues for public relations
  • Glossary
  • Index