Leadership in Organizations, Global Edition, 9th Edition

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Leadership in Organizations, Global Edition, 9th Edition

By Gary Yukl, William L. Gardner
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For undergraduate and graduate-level courses in leadership.

An exploration of what makes an effective leader

Leadership in Organizations, 9th Edition provides a balance of theory and practice as it covers the major theories and research on leadership and managerial effectiveness in formal organisations. Rather than detailing an endless series of studies or prescribing exactly how leaders must operate, it sticks to the major findings and offers recommendations for improving managerial effectiveness. Using this approach, readers understand the implications of their decisions and can determine the best courses of action specific to the situation. With new examples, citations, and guidelines for better clarity and presentation, the text is a relevant and useful tool for students who expect to become managers in the near future.
  • 1 or 2 End-of-Chapter Cases on real organisations and individuals help readers gain a better understanding of the theories, concepts, and guidelines presented in the chapter by asking readers to analyse behavioural processes, identify examples of effective/ineffective behavior, and suggest effective ways to handle the situation that’s depicted.
  • Guidelines show practitioners and students how leadership theories and research can be used to improve the practice of management.
  • Personal Reflection exercises help students think critically and apply the leadership concepts they’re learning about.
  • The material in every chapter has been revised for clarity and understanding.
  • Examples have been added on effective and ineffective leadership to every chapter.
  • More than 500 citations on recent research have been added throughout the text.
  • The number of chapters was reduced to remove any old/irrelevant theories and improve the organisation of content, the order of chapters was modified to improve the explanation of related topics, and the design was updated to enhance its accessibility.
Table of contents
  • 1. The Nature of Leadership
  • 2. Leadership Behavior
  • 3. The Leadership Situation and Adaptive Leadership
  • 4. Decision Making and Empowerment by Leaders
  • 5. Leading Change and Innovation
  • 6. Power and Influence Tactics
  • 7. Leader Traits and Skills
  • 8. Charismatic and Transformational Leadership
  • 9. Values-Based and Ethical Leadership
  • 10. Dyadic Relations and Followers
  • 11. Leadership in Teams and Decision Groups
  • 12. Strategic Leadership in Organizations
  • 13. Cross-Cultural Leadership and Diversity
  • 14. Developing Leadership Skills
  • 15. Overview and Integration