Financial Management for Decision Makers eBook, 9th Edition

Peter Atrill

Financial Management for Decision Makers eBook, 9th Edition

By Peter Atrill
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Peter Atrill
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Financial Management for Decision Makers 9th Edition provides students with a unique focus on the practical application of financial management and its role in decision making. Covering topics such as financial planning, making capital investment decisions, and financing a small business, it provides an ideal introduction to the world of financial management.

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  • Activities interspersed throughout the book give opportunities to engage with key concepts
  • Real World examples provide connections between the theory and practice of financial decision making and help students understand issues that affect finances for real companies
  • Focuses on the application of financial management concepts and how these affect decision making in businesses
Table of contents
  • 1 The world of financial management
  • 2 Financial planning
  • 3 Analysing and interpreting financial statements
  • 4 Making capital investment decisions
  • 5 Making capital investment decisions: further issues
  • 6 Financing a business 1: sources of finance
  • 7 Financing a business 2: raising long-term finance
  • 8 The cost of capital and the capital structure decision
  • 9 Making distributions to shareholders
  • 10 Managing working capital
  • 11 Measuring and managing for shareholder value
  • 12 Business mergers and share valuation
  • 13 International aspects of financial management
  • Appendix A  Present value table
  • Appendix B  Annual equivalent factor table
  • Appendix C  Solutions to self-assessment questions
  • Appendix D  Solutions to review questions
  • Appendix E  Solutions to selected exercises
  • Glossary