Elliott & Quinn's English Legal System eBook, 21th Edition

Emily Allbon all

Elliott & Quinn's English Legal System eBook, 21th Edition

By Emily Allbon, Sanmeet Kaur-Dua
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Emily Allbon all
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An introduction to the complexities of law, with clarity

Elliott & Quinn's English Legal System by Allbon and Kaur Dua has been relied upon by generations of students as an explanation of the English legal system and how it works in practice, being renowned for its wide-ranging coverage and signature writing style.

This text includes a variety of features to support your study, for example:
  • topical debates to engage you in the discussion points and reforms of today
  • relating the law, processes and procedure to our everyday lives
  • a clear structure designed to aid systematic understanding of broad topics
  • putting the law in context through the Bigger Picture
  • key cases described and analysed in depth within a text box
  • a glossary to explain complex concepts

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Table of contents
  • 1 Case law
  • 2 Statute law
  • 3 Statutory interpretation
  • 4 Delegated legislation
  • 5 European law
  • 6 Custom
  • 7 Equity
  • 8 Treaties
  • 9 Law reform
  • 10 The judges
  • 11 The legal professions
  • 12 The jury
  • 13 Magistrates
  • 14 Administration of justice
  • 15 Paying for legal services
  • 16 Introduction to human rights
  • 17 Remedies for infringement of human rights
  • 18 The police
  • 19 The criminal trial process
  • 20 Sentencing
  • 21 Youth justice
  • 22 Criminal appeals
  • 23 The civil trial process
  • 24 Tribunals
  • 25 Alternative methods of dispute resolution
  • 26 Civil appeals and judicial review
  • 27 Law and rules
  • 28 Law and morals
  • 29 Law and justice
  • Glossary