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Connect eBook

By Guy Lubitsh, Tami Lubitsh-White
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Guy Lubitsh all
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Connect is a book you take with you to crucial business meetings, to meetings with your boss, even conversations with co – workers.

It will be your guide through the maze of complex relationships, the tensions of high stakes situations and help you get what you really want.

Connection and the ability to connect with each other will help you take your communication skills to the next level.

Connect will help you understand what Connection is, what type of Connector you are, and give you a simple model to Connect better with others in an honest and meaningful way.

Using the RESOLVE model, you’ll find practical and easy to use tools to manage work place anxiety, speak truth to power, handle situations when the stakes are high and the route to a favourable outcome appears to be blocked, and it gives a structured way to connect and achieve outcomes:
  • Reality – separate facts from assumptions?
  • Expectations – clarify the ‘wants’
  • Support – how to listen, validate and commit
  • Outcome – review your open and hidden outcomes?
  • Learn - Notice what works and build on it still further
  • Vulnerability - Validate effort and allow for emotions and vulnerability
  • Evolve – Move to the next level
Connect your guide to connecting and relationships in a complex world.

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