English B for the IB Diploma eBook (Access Card)

By Patricia Janning, Patricia Mertin

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English supports the 2018 Subject Guide.
  • Written by an expert authoring team of experienced teachers and examiners.
  • Structured by prescribed theme.
  • Wealth of topical and authentic texts accompanied by a broad range of activities and exercises.
  • Suitable for Standard Level and Higher Level learners.
  • Audio files and exercises to help students prepare for the listening assessment.
  • Packed full of support for the Internal Assessment
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Pearson United Kingdom
Table of contents
  • 1 Identities
  • 1.1 Nationality and identity
  • 1.2 Identities and change
  • 1.3 Identities and language
  • 1.4 Humans and their choices
  • 1.5 Our changing world
  • 2 Experiences
  • 2.1 Being a teenager
  • 2.2 Experiences can shape our lives
  • 2.3 Hobbies that change our lives
  • 2.4 Our roots
  • 3 Human ingenuity
  • 3.1 Artistic expression
  • 3.2 Science and technology
  • 3.3 Playing and talking
  • 3.4 Ancient wisdoms
  • 4 Social organisation
  • 4.1 Schools around the world
  • 4.2 Village life
  • 4.3 Getting together
  • 4.4 Clubs and groups
  • 5 Sharing the planet
  • 5.1 Climate change
  • 5.2 Plastic pollution
  • 5.3 Tourism
  • 5.4 Changing times
  • 5.5 Sharing our space
  • Reading and HL literature recommendations