Consumer Behavior, Global Edition, 12th Edition

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Consumer Behavior, Global Edition, 12th Edition

By Leon G. Schiffmann, Joseph L. Wisenblit
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For undergraduate and graduate courses in consumer behaviour.

Consumer Behavior, 12th Edition explores how the examination and application of consumer behaviour is central to the planning, development, and implementation of successful marketing strategies. With an emphasis on developing a variety of useful skills, this text prepares students for careers in brand management, advertising, and consumer research. The 12th Edition has been significantly updated to address contemporary trends and issues, including the role of new media, technological advances, and recent ethical concerns affecting the industry.

  • Every chapter contains new and updated material to address modern consumer behaviour and recent trends in the marketing industry.
  • Chapter 3 includes a new section exploring the effects that hidden motives have on consumer behaviour.
  • The role of new media is explored throughout, providing students with a thorough understanding of how marketers can engage with consumers across social media platforms, manage successful, targeted campaigns, and track and measure the results.
  • The 12th Edition considers the impact of modern technology on marketing and consumer behaviour, with coverage of the value exchange between consumers and marketers, astute positioning, and more.
  • Chapter 15 addresses contemporary ethical concerns in the industry, including consumer privacy issues and violations, aggressive advertising towards children, and the potential for customised messaging to encourage irresponsible buying.
  • Dozens of new ad illustrations help students visualise how the topics discussed affect real marketing decisions. Cases and End-of-Chapter Cases show students the real-life application of the concepts covered, demonstrating how real companies use consumer behaviour to create marketing strategies.
  • The text demonstrates the strategic application of consumer behaviour through hands-on examples (some with comments from real marketing executives), internationally-recognised marketing campaigns, guidelines for marketing application, and exhibits based on recent, empirical data.
  • A new narrative in Chapter 13 illustrates the linguistic and legal barriers involved in global marketing efforts. Global coverage, discussions, and examples enable students to understand the dynamics of cultural differences in both domestic and multinational marketing.
Table of contents
  • I. Consumers, Marketers, and Technology
  • 1. Technology-Driven Consumer Behavior
  • 2. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  • II. The Consumer as an Individual
  • 3. Consumer Motivation and Personality
  • 4. Consumer Perception
  • 5. Consumer Learning
  • 6. Consumer Attitude Formation and Change
  • III. Communication and Consumer Behavior
  • 7. Persuading Consumers
  • 8. From Print and Broadcast Advertising to Social and Mobile Media
  • 9. Reference Groups and Word-of-Mouth
  • IV. Consumers in their Social and Cultural Settings
  • 10. The Family and Its Social Standing
  • 11. Culture’s Influence on Consumer Behavior
  • 12. Subcultures and Consumer Behavior
  • 13. Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior: An International Perspective
  • V. Consumer Decision-Making, Marketing Ethics, and Consumer Research
  • 14. Consumer Decision-Making and Diffusion of Innovations
  • 15. Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • 16. Consumer Research