Advertising & IMC: Principles and Practice, Global Edition eBook, 11th Edition

Sandra Moriarty all

Advertising & IMC: Principles and Practice, Global Edition eBook, 11th Edition

By Sandra Moriarty, Nancy Mitchell, William D. Wells, Charles Wood
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Sandra Moriarty all
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For courses in introductory advertising.


Increase the relevancy and effectiveness of marketing communications

Advertising & IMC: Principles and Practice presents the strategic use of communications to engage different types of consumers. Covering advertising, public relations, direct marketing, promotion, and more, Advertising & IMC uses examples of award-winning brand campaigns, contributions from experts, and enduring principles and practices to provide students with a practical guide to executing integrated marketing communications.


And with a new author joining the team, the 11th Edition features a significant reorganisation and revision of the material. Now, readers will understand not only the types of marketing communication possible, but also their application of strategy and planning, and how these areas work together — ensuring students are prepared to deal with the latest industry practices in their future careers.



Effective strategies for the practical use of brand communications

  • New - Author, Charles M. Wood, an associate professor of marketing at the Collins College of Business - University of Tulsa, brings his business and marketing insights to the 11th Edition.
  • New - An introductory chapter on Marketing Communications helps students understand what the professional areas of IMC are and how these functions work. This chapter has been grouped with advertising at the front of the text to provide more comprehensive presentation of this important topic.
  • Principles & Practice uses the Facets Model of Advertising Effects to explain the effectiveness of brand communication strategies and consumer responses.


An increased focus on relevancy and real-world examples

  • New and Updated - Chapter-Opening Examples and Case Studies of Award-Winning Brand Communication Campaigns illustrate basic principles and best practices, showing students how professionals design and execute effective strategies that work.
  • New - Topics discussed include the collection, manipulation, and use of data; artificial intelligence; virtual reality; and The Internet of Things, to familiarise students with the latest industry concepts and events.


Table of contents
  • 1. Strategic Brand Communication
  • 2. Advertising
  • 3. Public Relations
  • 4. Action and Interaction: Direct Response and Promotions
  • 5. How Brand Communication Works
  • 6. Strategic Research
  • 7. Segmenting and Targeting the Audience
  • 8. Strategic Planning
  • 9. Creative Side
  • 10. Promotional Writing
  • 11. Direct Response
  • 12. Media Basics
  • 13. Paid Media
  • 14. Owned, Interactive, and Earned Media
  • 15. Media Planning and Negotiation
  • 16. IMC Management
  • 17. Evaluating IMC Effectiveness
  • 18. Social Impact, Responsibility, and Ethics: Is it Right?