Human Resource Management, 11th Edition

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Human Resource Management, 11th Edition

By Derek Torrington, Laura Hall, Carol Atkinson, Stephen Taylor
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For undergraduate business and management courses, as well as CIPD-accredited courses.

Develop skills to put theory into practice, using academic research and current issues

Human Resource Management, 11th Edition, by Torrington, Hall, Taylor and Atkinson is praised for its comprehensive scope of topics and coverage of important HRM issues. It is a great introduction to human resources for students pursuing undergraduate business and management courses, as well as those on CIPD accredited courses. Human resource management helps those aspiring to or working in HR or management roles. The 11th Edition has been thoroughly updated with the economic, social and legal employment practice changes and is specifically designed to cover the issues and debates facing HRM today, backed up by academic research.
  • ‘Theory into Practice’ and ‘Putting it into Practice’ at the end of chapters enable readers to review, link and apply their understanding of the chapter to a practical business scenario
  • ‘Window on Practice’ provides illustrative material throughout the text, including examples of real company practice, survey results, anecdotes and quotations, and court cases
  • Discussion boxes are two or three short questions intended for general discussion in a tutorial or study group to encourage critical thinking and understanding
  • Activities and exercises throughout to encourage students to engage with their learning
  • Employability skills chapters cover basic skills to learn by practice
Table of contents
  • Part 1 - Human resource management in the modern world
  • 1 The nature of human resource management
  • 2 The global context for human resource management
  • 3 HRM around the world
  • 4 Strategic human resouce management
  • 5 Workforce planning, analytics and AI
  • 6 Employability: the basic skills
  • Part 2 - Resourcing: getting people in the right places to do the right things
  • 7 Organisational agility and flexibility
  • 8 Recruitment
  • 9 Selection methods and decisions
  • 10 Employability: skills in resourcing
  • Part 3 - Performance: success through individual and collective achievement
  • 11 Employee performance management
  • 12 Leadership
  • 13 Managing attendance and absence
  • 14 Engagement and retention
  • 15 Employability: skills in performance
  • Part 4 - Development
  • 16 Organisational change and development
  • 17 The context of employee learning and development
  • 18 Learning and development
  • 19 Talent and career development
  • 20 Employability: skills in learning and development
  • Part 5 - Employee relations
  • 21 Employee voice
  • 22 The legal framework of work
  • 23 Diversity and inclusion
  • 24 Employability: skills in employee relations
  • Part 6 - Reward: the contract for payment
  • 25 Total reward and setting pay
  • 26 Incentives
  • 27 Pensions and benefits
  • 28 Employability: skills in reward
  • Part 7 - Contemporary issues
  • 29 HRM and business ethics
  • 30 Managing the human resource function
  • 31 HR in small and medium-sized enterprises
  • 32 Health and well-being
  • 33 Managing the international workforce
  • 34 The future of work
  • 35 Advanced HR skills