Organisational Behaviour in the Workplace, 12th Edition

Laurie J. Mullins

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Organisational Behaviour in the Workplace, 12th Edition

By Laurie J. Mullins
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Laurie J. Mullins
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A comprehensive textbook, completely refreshed to engage students through real life case studies and develop their critical thinking. A new title to reflect the focus on organisational behaviour and written specifically for undergraduate first year students.
Now featuring a focus on the individual, group and organisation structure of Organisational Behaviour modules, with emphasis on engaging students in understanding the discipline through self-awareness, group working and critical thinking skills.

A new Chapter explains how students can approach Organisational Behaviour to gain insight into individual and group behaviour to predict and control the behaviour of people within an organisation setting in order to improve performance and the importance of adopting a critical perspective and developing employability skills

Topic maps at the beginning of chapters link the topic within the holistic whole to illustrate how topics relate to each other

You critical review questions throughout the text and the Critical Thinking Zones at the end of each chapter encourage students to question and consider alternative viewpoints to core theories using researched articles to debate issues such as work life balance, knowledge/gig economy, performance management and emotional intelligence.

Organisational Behaviour in Action case studies throughout give valuable insights into a practical real world situation with tasks to encourage further thinking.
Table of contents
  • Part 1: Organisational Behaviour and Work
  • 0. Your study of Organisational behaviour
  • 1. People-Organisation relationship
  • 2. The work environment
  • 3. Workplace conflict and stress
  • Part 2: Focus on the individual
  • 4. Personality and diversity
  • 5. Learning and development
  • 6. Perception and communication
  • 7. Work motivation and satisfaction
  • Part 3: Focus on groups and leadership
  • 8. Working in groups and teams
  • 9. Leadership in the work environment
  • 10. Managing people at work
  • Part 4: Focus on the organisation
  • 11. Organisation theory and structure
  • 12. Patterns of structure and workplace design
  • 13. Technology in the workplace
  • 14. Power and control at work
  • Part 5: Focus on organisational environment
  • 15. Organisational culture and change
  • 16. Strategy, corporate responsibility and ethics
  • 17. Organisational performance and effectiveness