Business Partner B2+ Teacher's Resource Book

Maria Karyda

Business Partner B2+ Teacher's Resource Book

By Maria Karyda
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Maria Karyda
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The Teacher's Resource Book includes:
  • Teaching lesson notes including warm-ups, alternative suggestions, background and culture notes
  • Business brief for every unit with information on the unit topic and explanations of key terminology
  • Photocopiable activities – two per unit with teaching notes
  • Reading bank – an extended reading text for every unit with comprehension activities
  • Writing bank – models of different types of business writing with useful phrases
  • Functional language bank - useful phrases for different business situations, e.g. meetings, interviews
  • Video and audio scripts
  • Answer keys

Teacher access to MyEnglishLab includes:

  • Interactive Workbook including learning management system to assign homework and see common errors
  • Student digital resources
  • Teacher’s Book resources
    • Answer keys
    • Photocopiable activities and teaching notes
    • Reading bank
    • Writing bank
    • Functional language bank
  • Tests
    • Unit tests (pdfs and Word), including exam task types (BEC, BULATS, LCCI)
    • Interactive unit tests including PTE Professional, with automatic gradebook
    • Tests audio recordings and scripts
    • Tests answer keys

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