Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, Global Edition eBook, 9th Edition

Michael R. Solomon all

Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, Global Edition eBook, 9th Edition

By Michael R. Solomon, Greg W. Marshall, Elnora W. Stuart
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Michael R. Solomon all
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For undergraduate Principles of Marketing courses.

Real people making real choices

Marketing: Real People, Real Choices is the only text to introduce marketing from the perspective of real people, who make real marketing decisions, at leading companies every day. Timely, relevant, and dynamic, this reader-friendly text shows students how marketing concepts are implemented, and what they really mean in the marketplace. The 9th Edition presents more information than ever on the core issues every marketer needs to know, including value, analytics and metrics, and ethical and sustainable marketing. And with new examples and assessments, the text helps students actively learn and retain chapter content, so they know what’s happening in the world of marketing today.

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  • A concise and user-friendly Table of Contents. Fourteen chapters offer a convenient size for most undergraduate basic marketing courses. This “lean and mean” structure allows an instructor who teaches a semester course to cover important marketing concepts from soup to nuts, yet still retain enough flexibility to include time for in-class exercises and discussions, as well as assessments of students’ learning.
  • A 4P structure is integrated with emphasis on the value proposition. Chapters 8 to 14 cover Product, Price, Place, and Promotion--but with real-world decision-making emphasis, for which the book is famous for.
  • Each chapter has an integrative study map for students that includes an Objective Summary, Key Terms, and student assessment opportunities of several types: Concepts: Test Your Knowledge; Activities: Apply What You’ve Learned; Apply Marketing Metrics; Choices: What Do You Think?; and Miniproject: Learn By Doing. By completing these assessments students and instructors achieve maximum assurance of learning.
  • Appendix A, “The Marketing Plan,” provides a basic marketing plan and helpful “how to” guidelines for the fictitious S&S Smoothie Company, giving students the foundation they need to craft a complete marketing plan while answering any questions that students may have.
  • A supplement at the end of Chapter 3 provides a framework that enables students to organise marketing concepts by chapter and create a solid marketing plan of their own.
  • Career Appendix B, “Your Future in a Marketing Career,” provides guidance for students on how to plan for a successful and rewarding, career, whether in marketing or another field. Career success is framed as developing a unique brand that meets the needs of the job market. Career guidance recommendations follow the steps in the marketing plan with suggestions at each step for critical thinking and specific actions.
  • Each chapter concludes with an exciting Marketing in Action mini case about a real firm facing real marketing challenges. Questions at the end let you make the call to get the company on the right track. Thirteen new cases feature GetFeedback, Airbus, Sprig, Facebook, Disney, Target, and Alibaba.
  • Spotlight on the importance of ethical and sustainable marketing. Each chapter provides a boxed feature called Ripped from the Headlines: Ethical/Sustainable Decisions in the Real World. A questionable marketing practice is described and then students are asked for their opinion on the matter. Firms have been updated to include Coca-Cola, Chipotle, Volkswagen, Kimberly Clark, and Allstar (the “Snuggie”).
  • Double the coverage of market research metrics and analytics. The 9th Edition continues to expand its coverage on how marketers can use exciting new tools to understand and harness “big data” as they strive to identify and meet their customer’s needs--often literally on a one-to-one basis. Numerous key terms, additional application examples that connect concepts to practice, and several new tables and figures to further illustrate important chapter material have been added.
  • Each chapter provides an updated Metrics Moment box that describes some important ways to measure important marketing concepts, including an Apply the Metric exercise that asks the student to actually work with some of these measures. And every end of chapter includes an Apply Marketing Metrics exercise that provides additional opportunities for students to practice measures that marketers use to help them make good decisions.
Table of contents
  • PART I. Understand the Value Proposition
  • 1. Welcome to the World of Marketing: Create and Deliver Value
  • 2. Global, Ethical, and Sustainable Marketing
  • 3. Strategic Market Planning
  • 3. Supplement: Build a Marketing Plan
  • PART II. Determine the Value Propositions Different Customers Want
  • 4. Market Research
  • 5. Marketing Analytics: Welcome to the Era of Big Data!
  • 6. Understand Consumer and Business Markets
  • 7. Segmentation, Target Marketing and Positioning
  • PART III. Develop the Value Proposition for the Customer
  • 8. Product I: Innovation and New Product Development
  • 9. Product II: Product Strategy, Branding, and Product Management
  • 10. Price: What is the Value Proposition Worth?
  • 10. Supplement: Marketing Math
  • PART IV. Deliver and Communicate the Value Proposition
  • 11. Deliver the Goods: Determine the Distribution Strategy
  • 12. Deliver the Customer Experience: Goods and Services Via Bricks and Clicks
  • 13. Promotion I: Advertising and Sales Promotion
  • 14. Promotion II: Social Media Marketing, Direct/Database Marketing, Personal Selling, and Public Relations
  • APPENDIX A. Marketing Plan: The S&S Smoothie Company
  • APPENDIX B. Your Future in a Marketing Career