Gold B2 First Student Book, 6th Edition

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Gold B2 First Student Book, 6th Edition

By Jan Bell, Amanda Thomas
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  • Twelve engaging units with authentic texts
  • Exam-style practice and exam tips
  • Extensive reference section, including Grammar Reference, Exam Focus and Writing Reference
  • A complete Cambridge English Practice Test at the relevant level
Gold B2 First provides students with the knowledge of the best strategies for each exam task.

It provides:
  • a fast-paced syllabus with comprehensive exam coverage for the B2 First exam
  • stimulating topics and texts with extensive opportunities for discussion
  • thorough exam preparation with a strong emphasis on vocabulary learning
  • extensive writing support, including full reference with sample answers
  • a unit-by-unit grammar reference section
  • a full practice test
NEW in this edition:
  • Updated content including new reading and listening texts
  • A full practice test and more progress tests in the Coursebook
  • Audio scripts in the back of the book
  • MyEnglishLab written specifically for Gold B2 First
  • Speaking test videos plus worksheets
Series overview
Gold New Edition follows the same approach as previous editions but has been revised and updated following extensive research with users throughout the world.

It helps teachers to deliver stimulating, discussion-rich lessons with focused exam preparation.

Each level of the series offers a strong emphasis on communicative practice and the development of natural speaking skills to build student confidence for exams and beyond.
Table of contents
  • 1. Bands and fans
  • 2. Relative values
  • 3. Things that matter
  • 4. Forces of nature
  • 5. Eat your heart out
  • 6. In the spotlight
  • 7. A place to live
  • 8. Moving on
  • 9. Lucky break
  • 10. Friends for life
  • 11. Nothing to fear by fear
  • 12. Crime scene.

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