Gold Experience C1 Workbook, 2nd Edition

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Gold Experience C1 Workbook, 2nd Edition

By Rhiannon Ball, Sarah Hartley, Lynda Edwards
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The key features of the workbook are:
  • Consolidates the Student’s Book lessons with targeted practice, unit by unit
  • Additional practice of reading, writing, speaking, listening and use of English skills
  • Extensive grammar and vocabulary practice
  • Complete practice exam in Unit 10
  • Designed for independent study at home and practice in class
  • Audio for listening lessons available on the Student’s App
Series overview

The most engaging experience in teaching Cambridge exams to teens

Gold Experience 2nd Edition is a new edition of the fast-paced course that motivates students to build the language and skills they need in the classroom, exams and the world beyond school. Topics relevant to teenagers help students bring their own experience to lessons, and learn about the wider world.

Table of contents
  • Unit 1 Look ahead, look back
  • Unit 2 Winners and losers
  • Unit 3 Choices and changes
  • Unit 4 Same or different?
  • Unit 5 All or nothing?
  • Unit 6 Image and reality
  • Unit 7 Be seen, be heard
  • Unit 8 Healthy body, healthy mind
  • Unit 9 Leaders and followers
  • Unit 10 Practice test
  • Audioscripts