Edexcel GCE Politics AS and A-level eBook

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Edexcel GCE Politics AS and A-level eBook

By Graham Goodlad, Andrew Mitchell
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The Edexcel AS/A level Politics Student Book is aligned to the new specifications to give you comprehensive coverage of the qualification content and great support for the new assessments.
  • covers the whole of the two-year A level course, and includes all three components of the course
  • has all key terminology clearly explained, differentiation for more able students, and support for the assessments in every unit, including exam-style questions and guidance with exam technique

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Table of contents
  • Component 1: Part 1 UK Politics
  • Chapter 1: Democracy and Participation
  • Chapter 2: Political Parties
  • Chapter 3: Electoral Systems
  • Chapter 4: Voting Behaviour and the Media
  • Component 1: Part 2 Core Political Ideas
  • Chapter 1: Conservatism
  • Chapter 2: Liberalism
  • Chapter 3: Socialism
  • Component 2: Part 1 UK Government
  • Chapter 1: The Constitution
  • Chapter 2: Parliament
  • Chapter 3: Prime Minister and Executive
  • Chapter 4: Relations Between Institutions
  • Component 2: Part 2 Non-Core Political Ideas
  • Chapter 1: Anarchism
  • Chapter 2: Ecologism
  • Chapter 3: Feminism
  • Chapter 4: Multiculturalism
  • Chapter 5: Nationalism
  • Component 3: Part 1 Government and Politics of the USA
  • Chapter 1: US Constitution and Federalism
  • Chapter 2: Congress
  • Chapter 3: US Presidency
  • Chapter 4: The Supreme Court and Civil Rights
  • Chapter 5: Democracy and Participation
  • Chapter 6: Comparative Approaches
  • Component 3: Part 2 Global Politics
  • Chapter 1: The State and Globalisation
  • Chapter 2: Global Governance: Political and Economic
  • Chapter 3: Global Governance: Human Rights and Environmental
  • Chapter 4: Power and Developments
  • Chapter 5: Regionalism and the EU
  • Chapter 6: Comparative Theories
  • Glossary