Mindfulness for Busy People eBook, 2nd Edition

Michael Sinclair all

Mindfulness for Busy People eBook, 2nd Edition

By Michael Sinclair, Josie Seydel, Emily Shaw
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Michael Sinclair all
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Mindfulness for Busy People will show you how to apply the transformative power of mindfulness to your busy life, helping you to de-stress, find your own unique space of calm, and ready yourself for whatever challenges you face.

Helping you to cultivate and practice mindfulness straight away, you’ll discover:

  • A no-nonsense, light-hearted, and clear introduction to mindfulness and its benefits
  • Unique and clever ‘I-haven’t-got-time-for-this’ exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime
  • A fulfilling way to feel less stressed with immediate effect
  • A new found confidence, resilience and a greater sense of optimism
  • Improved focus, energy, efficiency and creativity

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Table of contents
  • Part 1 Mindfulness and me
  • 1 How can mindfulness change your life?
  • 2 Understanding how to be mindful
  • 3 Chasing a stress-free existence
  • Part 2 The mind, stress and mindfulness
  • 4 There is no time to waste
  • 5 To be or not to be busy?
  • 6 Busy doing nothing (at all helpful, anyway!)
  • Part 3 Uncovering our emotions
  • 7 The painful truth
  • 8 Falling gracefully
  • 9 Letting the good times roll
  • Part 4 Taking care of me
  • 10 Cultivating self-compassion
  • 11 Mindful self-care
  • Part 5 Mindfulness and moving forward
  • 12 Living a meaningful life
  • 13 Mindfulness in the real world
  • Recommended reading
  • Further useful contacts, resources and support
  • Index