Social Psychology, Global Edition eBook, 9th Edition

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Social Psychology, Global Edition eBook, 9th Edition

By Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, Robin M. Akert, Samuel R. Sommers
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Elliot Aronson all
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For courses in Social Psychology

Make research relevant through a storytelling approach.
Social Psychology introduces the key concepts of the field through an acclaimed storytelling approach that makes research relevant to students. Drawing upon their extensive experience as researchers and teachers, Elliot Aronson, Tim Wilson, Robin Akert, and new co-author Sam Sommers present the classic studies that have driven the discipline alongside the cutting-edge research that is the future of social psychology. 


A framework that aids comprehension and boosts retention

  • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter guide students as they work through the text. The learning objectives are repeated in the sections of the chapter in which they are most relevant, as well as in the chapter-ending summary. 
  • Each chapter’s headings and subheadings indicate a clear framework for course content, helping students to see the “big picture” of where the chapter is going as well as to draw connections between sections.
  • All major sections of every chapter now end with review quizzes to help students better master course material.
  • Chapter-ending summaries offer a succinct shorthand presentation of the chapter information, helping students review what they’ve read and prepare for exams.
  • Key terms are set in bold at the first instance they appear in the narrative, and defined in the margin. Students may also look up key terms in the alphabetical glossary at the end of this textbook.

A balanced approach to research

  • Social Psychology presents a balance of classic and contemporary research in the field. Including cornerstone studies alongside more recent research, the authors help students to appreciate the continuity and depth of the ever-evolving field of social psychology.
  • The 9th Edition has been updated significantly with numerous references to new research.

New to this edition
  • An engaging storytelling approach that emphasises relevance and applications
  • Try It! exercises throughout the text invite students to apply specific social psychology concepts to their everyday behavior, encouraging them to become more active participants in the learning process. Many of these exercises have been updated for the 9th Edition.
  • Opening vignettes introduce real-life examples that illustrate the concepts to come. These compelling stories are referred to throughout each chapter, to help students stay focused on the chapter narrative.
  • Mini-stories woven into each chapter illustrate specific content while bringing the material to life. Each of these compelling stories pairs a real-life phenomenon that is designed to pique students’ interest with an experiment that attempts to explain that phenomenon.
Table of contents
  • 1. Introducing Social Psychology
  • 2. Methodology: How Social Psychologists Do Research
  • 3. Social Cognition: How We Think About the Social World
  • 4. Social Perception: How We Come to Understand Other People
  • 5. The Self: Understanding Ourselves in a Social Context
  • 6. The Need to Justify Our Actions: The Costs and Benefits of Dissonance Reduction
  • 7. Attitudes and Attitude Change: Influencing Thoughts and Feelings
  • 8. Conformity: Influencing Behavior
  • 9. Group Processes: Influence in Social Groups
  • 10. Interpersonal Attraction: From First Impressions to Close Relationships
  • 11. Prosocial Behavior: Why Do People Help?
  • 12. Aggression: Why Do We Hurt Other People? Can We Prevent It?
  • 13. Prejudice: Causes, Consequences, and Cures
  • SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY IN ACTION 1 — Making a Difference with Social Psychology: Attaining a Sustainable Future
  • SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY IN ACTION 2 — Social Psychology and Health
  • SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY IN ACTION 3 — Social Psychology and the Law