Tourism: Principles and Practice eBook, 6th Edition

John Fletcher all

Tourism: Principles and Practice eBook, 6th Edition

By John Fletcher, Alan Fyall, David Gilbert, Stephen Wanhill
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John Fletcher all
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In a changing and turbulent environment for tourism, the sixth edition of Tourism: Principles and Practice offers you the fundamental and underlying principles with which to approach the study of tourism, contributing a complete framework that effectively integrates theory and practice. The text has been updated to take into account developments such as Special Interest Tourism, and has added content on the history and evolution of the subject.
  • Mini case studies which concentrate on specific destinations and organisations
  • Self-check questions which allow you to review material and track your progress
  • Full length case studies which conclude each chapter
  • Practitioner views to give insight from someone who understands the real world of tourism
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Tourism
  • Chapter 2: The Nature of Tourism Demand
  • Chapter 3: Tourism Consumer Behaviour
  • Chapter 4: Measuring and Modelling Tourism Demand
  • Chapter 5: Forecasting Tourism Demand
  • Chapter 6: Destinations
  • Chapter 7: The Economic Impact of Tourism
  • Chapter 8: The Environmental Impact of Tourism
  • Chapter 9: The Socio-Cultural Impact of Tourism
  • Chapter 10: Sustainable Tourism
  • Chapter 11: Tourism and Development Planning
  • Chapter 12: Tourism, Crises and Disaster Management
  • Chapter 13: Attractions
  • Chapter 14: Accommodation
  • Chapter 15: Events Management
  • Chapter 16: Intermediaries
  • Chapter 17: Transportation
  • Chapter 18: Public Sector and Policy
  • Chapter 19: Managing Marketing for Tourism
  • Chapter 20: Marketing Planning
  • Chapter 21: Marketing Mix Applications
  • Chapter 22: Information Technology in Tourism