Service Operations Management eBook, 5th Edition

Robert Johnston all

Service Operations Management eBook, 5th Edition

By Robert Johnston, Michael Shulver, Nigel Slack, Graham Clark
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Robert Johnston all
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Analyse and address organisational challenges using real world examples

Service Operations Management, 5th Edition, by Robert Johnston et al. is a market-leading text on service operations management and provides a clear understanding of how service performance can be improved in organisations. This textbook applies underlying theories to the real world challenges faced by service operations managers on a daily basis, by providing a diverse range of examples and illustrations. Each chapter provides a range of tools, frameworks and techniques designed to help your students better analyse existing operations and understand ways to deal with operational challenges.

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New to this edition
  • Real world illustrations: Operations management is an applied subject so each chapter includes a number of short illustrations, case examples, from around the world that show how organisations have either identified or dealt with the particular issues being discussed.
  • International: The real world illustrations – examples in the text, case examples and case exercises – are drawn from many counties to show the diversity and international nature of operations issues and activities.
  • State of the art: The book contains some of the most recent ideas and information, covering in particular world-class service, performance management, service concept, the customer experience and service processes.
  • Professor Nigel Slack has joined the author team for the 5th edition of the book. Nigel Slack brings a wealth of experience in authoring his market-leading texts in Operations Management and Operations Strategy.
  • A new chapter on service innovation has been included within the Improving service operations part.
  • Discussion questions and exercises: At the end of each chapter there are some questions aimed both at students and at practising managers. We hope that these questions will encourage readers both to test their understanding and to apply the material in the chapter.
  • Further readings: The topic keeps developing so we have also provided some suggestions for further reading that should both develop the basics of the topic further and extend its scope.
  • Case exercises: Each chapter concludes with a case exercise suitable for class discussion. The cases are short but focused on the topic and are a rich source of material for debate and development.
Table of contents
  • 1. Introduction to service operations
  • 2.The world of service
  • 3. Service strategy
  • 4. The service concept
  • 5. Customer relationships
  • 6. Service quality
  • 7. Designing customer experience
  • 8. People in the service operation
  • 9. Service culture
  • 10. Service supply networks
  • 11. Designing the service process
  • 12. Managing service performance
  • 13. Service resources and capacity
  • 14. Service innovation
  • 15. Service improvement
  • 16. Learning from problems
  • 17. Learning from other operations
  • Index