Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft Excel, 3rd Edition

Alastair Day

Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft Excel, 3rd Edition

By Alastair Day
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Alastair Day
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Fully updated and compliant with Excel 2013, this clearly explains the basic calculations for mathematical finance, backed up with simple templates for further use and development, and a workbook with exercises and solutions at the end of each chapter. The examples used are relevant to both managers and students in the UK and overseas.


Alastair Day has worked in the finance industry for 20 years in treasury and marketing functions. Alastair has a degree in Economics and German from London University, an MBA from the Open University Business School, and is an associate lecturer in corporate finance with the OUBS.

Table of contents
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Basic financial arithmetic
  • 3 Cash flows
  • 4 Bonds calculations
  • 5 Bonds risks   
  • 6 Floating rate securities  
  • 7 Amortization and depreciation
  • 8 Swaps
  • 9 Forward interest rates
  • 10   Futures
  • 11   Foreign exchange
  • 12   Options
  • 13   Real options
  • 14   Valuation 
  • 15   Leasing
  • 16   Basic statistics