Communication for the Classroom Teacher, Pearson New International Edition eBook, 9th Edition

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Communication for the Classroom Teacher, Pearson New International Edition eBook, 9th Edition

By Cheri J. Simonds, Pamela J. Cooper
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Cheri J. Simonds all
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This text provides prospective and current teachers with the skills and knowledge to understand and improve their own and their students' communication behaviour.

By combining theory and practical advice, this text focuses on the rationale for using certain communication strategies and guidance on how to implement them. Communication for the Classroom Teacher covers a wide range of classroom communication issues, including interpersonal and small group communication; listening skills; verbal and nonverbal communication (from both the teacher's and student's perspective); instructional strategies such as lecturing, discussions, and storytelling; teacher influence; ethical considerations; and racism/sexism in the classroom.

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Table of contents
  • Unit 1: Communication Competence   
  • Chapter 1: Foundations of Classroom Communication 
  • Chapter 2: Interpersonal Communication
  • Chapter 3: Listening
  • Chapter 4: Language
  • Unit 2: Instructional Strategies 
  • Chapter 5: Sharing Information
  • Chapter 6: Leading Classroom Discussions
  • Chapter 7: Small Group Communication
  • Chapter 8: Communicative Reading and Storytelling