Strategic Marketing for Non Profit Organisations, Pearson New International Edition, 7th Edition

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Strategic Marketing for Non Profit Organisations, Pearson New International Edition, 7th Edition

By Alan R. Andreasen, Philip R. Kotler
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Alan R. Andreasen all
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For graduate courses in Nonprofit Marketing and Management.

This best-selling text focuses on the impact of nonprofit marketing in the social sector and the growing intersection between nonprofit management and the business world.
  • This edition reflects the fact that nonprofit marketing is poised to have a much greater impact on the field of nonprofit management and on the growing intersection between that sector and the business world.
  • Pressure To Adopt Business Models — Nonprofit and government agencies are being pressured to adopt business models and frameworks to guide their operations.
  • Growing Appreciation for Business Concepts — The social sector is increasingly populated at the top and middle-management levels by individuals with business backgrounds and appreciation for what business concepts and tools can do for their new environments.
  • In Chapter 3 on strategy, the authors make a clear distinction between two major classes of marketing challenges facing nonprofits to show the distinction between organizational and campaign efforts, particularly that on public relations.
New to this edition
  • Reorganisation of the chapter sequence, setting out broad concepts and tools in the beginning and following through on major elements of campaigns and challenges.
  • New vignettes drawn from the popular press.
  • Updates of all basic data about the nonprofit sector.
  • Thought-provoking questions have been added.
  • Hundreds of footnotes and references to marketing research.
  • Communications discussion have been extended in many chapter to include discussions of the new phenomena of blogging, video sharing, gaming, and related new channels for influence.
Table of contents
  • 1. The Growth and Development of Nonprofit Marketing
  • 2. Developing a Target Audience-Centered Mindset
  • 3. Strategic Marketing Planning
  • 4. Understanding Target Audience Behavior
  • 5. Acquiring and Using Marketing Information
  • 6. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
  • 7. Branding
  • 8. Value Propositions: Managing the Organization’s Offerings
  • 9. Developing and Launching New Offerings
  • 10. Managing Perceived Costs
  • 11. Facilitating Marketing Behaviors
  • 12. Formulating Communication Strategies
  • 13. Managing Communications: Advertising and Personal Persuasion
  • 14. Managing Public Media and Public Advocacy
  • 15. Generating Funds
  • 16. Attracting Human Resources: Staff, Volunteers, and Board Members
  • 17. Working with the Private Sector
  • 18. Organizing for Implementation