Computers Are Your Future Complete, Pearson New International Edition eBook, 12th Edition

Catherine Laberta

Computers Are Your Future Complete, Pearson New International Edition eBook, 12th Edition

By Catherine Laberta
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Catherine Laberta
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For introductory courses in computer concepts or computer literacy often including instruction in Microsoft Office.


Engages students with a refreshing and easy to learn from style, while maintaining an encyclopedic approach and popular magazine-style format.

Today’s students want a practical “what it is” and “how it works” approach to computers and computing, with less explanation of “when and why.” Computers Are Your Future serves as a valuable computer technology reference tool without being overwhelming or intimidating.

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  • NEW! Videos - Short Flash animations were created to explain key concepts in many chapters.
  • NEW! Fast Forward boxes address emerging technologies relevant to each chapter.
  • NEW! How-to feature provides students with hands-on opportunities to use the information covered in the chapter.
  • Teamwork Exercises are included as an end-of-chapter activity to reinforce chapter concepts by requiring students to work in teams to conduct research and interviews and to create group papers and presentations.
  • Green Tech Tips - Sidebars with tips, suggestions, and new ways to stay ecologically friendly.
  • Ethics Boxes - Sidebars posing “What would you do?” questions to provoke discussions.
  • Visually stimulating Spotlight features—Emerging Technologies, Buying and Upgrading Your Computer System, and File Management.
  • Highlights innovative thinking in each subject area with “bites” of computer content.
  • Provides students with substantial review including multiple choice, matching, fill-in, and short answer questions, as well as exercises and Web Research projects.
Table of contents
  • 1 Computers and You
  • 2 Inside the System Unit
  • 3 Input/Output and Storage Spotlight
  • 2 File Management
  • 4 System Software
  • 5 Application Software: Tools for Productivity
  • 6 The Internet & the World Wide Web
  • 7 Networks: Communicating and Sharing Resources
  • 8 Wired and Wireless Communication
  • 9 Privacy, Crime, and Security
  • 10 Careers and Certification
  • 11 Programming Languages and Program Development
  • 12 Databases and Information Systems
  • 13 Systems Analysis and Design
  • 14 Enterprise Computing