25 Need-To-Know Management Ratios eBook

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25 Need-To-Know Management Ratios eBook

By Ciaran Walsh, Stuart Walsh
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Ciaran Walsh all
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Includes 10 handy do's and don'ts of using management ratios

  • Want to measure the true performance of your business?
  • Need a quick overview of the most useful ratios and how to use them?
  • Only want what you need to know, rather than reams of theory?

With the critical management ratios required to understand how your company is performing, this book tells you what you need to know, fast.


Ciaran Walsh is an ex-senior finance specialist at the Irish Management Institute, Dublin. He is trained both as an economist and an accountant and had 15 years industry experience before joining the academic world.

Table of contents
  • Part 1 Foundations
  • 1 Introduction to financial statements
  • 2 The balance sheet
  • 3 The profit and loss account
  • Part 2 Operating performance
  • 4 The big picture
  • 5 Return on investment
  • 6 Performance drivers
  • 7 The operating cash cycle
  • 8 Short-term liquidity
  • 9 Financial strength
  • 10 The cash flow statement
  • Part 4 Corporate value
  • 11 Investor ratios
  • 12 The corporate valuation model