Class Acts 2: Plays For Fun

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Class Acts 2: Plays For Fun

By Mathew Clausen, Andrea Hayes, Jennifer Blackburn
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Mathew Clausen all
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Class Acts 1: Plays for Fun and Class Acts 2: Plays for Fun provide high-interest and humorous collections of short play scripts for medium to large casts that incorporate a range of theatrical styles of performance.
  • Short plays each with a large cast, ideal for classroom/drama space
  • Plays explore a variety of theatrical and performance techniques and stage directions
  • Each play has specific warm-up and follow-up exercises and activities
  • Whimsical illustrations and an attention grabbing design
  • High interest level topics to motivate and entertain students
  • Performances do not require scenery or props, but have the potential to be made into full-scale productions with costumes, sound effects, scene changes and so forth.
Target audience
Years 9-10 students
Table of contents
Love and Lycra
by Andrea Hayes

Scot, the coolest guy in school, is coming to Marnie's house. No embarrassing parents and her alien brother is out of the way. What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything. More cast members in the form of cyclists and visitors to the house can easily be added.

Quest for the Stone
by Travis Vladich

Chaos reins in the small village of Byrigia since the evil Sivart and Xam stole the stone, a symbol of peace and unity. A once proud and prosperous folk are contemplating the future of all Byrigians. They must get the stone back or perish. Four adventurers set off on a dangerous journey to retrieve the stone. On their quest they have to overcome the magical and mystical obstacles which will test their honour, courage and strength.

To Have and to Hold
by Don Parnell

It's the happiest day of your life. Or so it's mean to be. In this comic play, Pierre, a hopeless romantic, seeks to marry the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately his recklessness and lack of commitment has left a trail of broken and vengeful hearts. As the big day draws near Pierre's past begins to catch up with him.

by Geire Kami

'Because!' is a series of short scenes that explore different aspects of teenage life, including love, jealousy, suspicion, friendship and loyalty. The flexibility of this play makes it an excellent resource for either acting practice or performance.

School Under Siege
by Don Parnell

An oversized potato creates mayhem in a local high school. A science class unwittingly becomes the victim of a dangerous experiment. The students succumb to the effects of the errant potato and are quarantined in the science lab. As they gradually become more ill it seems that even their own school principal is unwilling to help them.

Rapunzel Uncut
by Mariah Everman

It's story time and the two narrators can't agree on who knows the correct version of the tale. In this send up of Rapunzel, the stock characters are given a modern touch. Complete with singing witches, intellectually challenged princes and a host of curious townspeople, this play is lots of fun to perform.

Never Kill an Agana
by Don Parnell

It's December and there are two words you can't say to Lyn Porter: Christmas and koala. In this black comedy we are taken back in time to the fateful arrival of Lynn's relatives from the northern hemisphere. As they try to settle into their Australian holiday, the Porter's plans to show the visitors a good time go horribly wrong.

Shakespeare Soup
by Andrea Hayes

Camp Dunsinane has a murderer, a ghost, three witches who cook, and a ropes course over a cliff! It's March and the kids from Birnam High are on camp with a teacher from Planet Nuts. 'Shakespeare Soup' is a one act play that introduces students to some of Shakespeare's characters, plots, themes and stagecraft. It's fun and easy to stage.

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