Just Investigate! Science and Technology Experiences for Young Children

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Just Investigate! Science and Technology Experiences for Young Children

By Tracy Young, Sue Elliott
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What is science and what is technology within an early childhood program? Is technology just about computers?

The answer to these questions can be explored with the range of practical and creative science and technology experiences provided in Just Investigate!.

Topics include physical science, chemical science and basic technology.

This book includes something for everyone, from the new or inexperienced early childhood educator to those with more experience who are looking for new ways to extend the learning environment for children.

  • Variety of experiences for children from infants to Year 2 (8 years old)
  • Beautiful colour photographs of each experience illustrate how to set up experiences with scientific principles, developmental appropriateness and aesthetics in mind
  • Encourages the use of recycled, reusable, household and natural materials
  • Emphasises hands-on, play-based learning opportunities

Target audience
  • CHCFC8A Provide experiences which enhance children's development and learning

This text can be used to support the following CHC08 competencies:

  • CHCFC508A Foster children’s aesthetic and creative development
Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Approaches to science and technology
  • The world around us - Physical science
  • Changing substances - Chemical science
  • How do things work? - Problem solving with technology
  • Tools and machines - Using technology
  • Developing a science and technology kit
  • Something to think about
  • Resources and references