Voices Nearby: An Anthology of Asia–Pacific Writing

Paul Grover

Voices Nearby: An Anthology of Asia–Pacific Writing

By Paul Grover
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Paul Grover
Published Date
Voices Nearby is a timely contribution to the literature resources available to high school students. A wide range of contemporary material written from a number of perspectives is organised into eight thematically-based chapters, all highlighting the richness and diversity of the writing from cultures nearby.

Throughout the anthology the growing importance of Australia's links to and relationship with the countries of the Asia–Pacific region is given appropriate emphasis.

  • a collection drawn from novels, plays, autobiographies, short stories, poetry collections and interviews
  • material originally written in English and in translation
  • some poetry presented in both its original and translated forms
  • careful positioning of the anthologised material so that similarities and contrasts (of the writing mode and/or experience) can be considered
  • questions and workshop activities which require students to write, discuss, listen, read and view
  • Text Guide boxes which explain and encourage the use of a range of written and spoken forms
  • chapter opening pages introduce the theme, authors and range of text types
  • glossary
  • biographical notes on the authors.
Target audience
Years 10-12 students
Table of contents
  1. A Different Togetherness: People and places in Asia and the Pacific
  2. A Tattooed Betelnut: Culture, ritual and tradition
  3. The Reluctant Bride: Family, marriage and relationships
  4. Or Else, the Lightning God: Beliefs, customs and religions
  5. Five Fingers: Unusual events and special occasions
  6. Point of No Return: Money, work and land
  7. An Unexpected Gift: Creativity and diversity in writing
  8. A Refugee in Paradise: Views from Asia and the Pacific.