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Michele Stockley

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Art Investigator

By Michele Stockley
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Michele Stockley
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Art Investigator brings the art of the past and present alive and makes it relevant to Australian students. By exploring a range of ideas, styles, periods and themes from ancient Egyptian to contemporary art, it helps middle and senior students develop skills in investigating and discussing art.

Artworks from Australian collections are featured, and the chapters on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries include Australian artists.

  • clear chronological underpinning
  • structured sections and double-page spreads
  • extensively illustrated in full colour
  • artworks are analysed in their social and historical contexts
  • questions and activities develop skills in analysing and interpreting artworks
  • reference list and guide to Internet sites.

The practical pages at the end of each chapter focus on the:

  • influences of artists, periods, cultures and styles
  • range of approaches to common themes in art
  • ideas and issues affecting artists and our understanding of art
  • language of art.
Table of contents
  • Chapter 1: Ancient Egyptian Art
  • An art of clarity
  • Art for eternity
  • Ideas and beliefs
  • Death and symbolism
  • Art for the afterlife
  • The art of influence: Inspired by Ancient Egypt
  • Variations on a theme: Death
  • Issues in art: Questions of Context
  • Talk about art: Representational and non-representational art
  • Chapter 2: Classical Art
  • Ideas and ideals in Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greek Sculpture 1
  • Ancient Greek Sculpture 2
  • Ancient Greek Vases
  • The Ancient Romans
  • Art about the House
  • The art of influence: From Classical Models
  • Variations on a theme: War and warfare
  • Issues in art: Protecting cultural heritage
  • Talk about art: Sculpture
  • Chapter 3: Early Christian and Byzantine Art
  • Early Christians in Rome
  • Spreading the Message
  • Early Christian art of the East
  • The art of icon painting
  • The art of influence: Early Christian and Byzantine art
  • Variations on a theme: Portraits
  • Issues in art: Patrons and patronage
  • Talk about art: The human figure in art
  • Chapter 4: The Middle Ages
  • A story in thread
  • Art of heaven and hell
  • A heavenly light
  • Figures of stone
  • Illuminated images
  • Times of change
  • A new naturalism
  • The art of influence: The Middle Ages
  • Variations on a theme: Divine inspiration
  • Issues in art: The artist in society
  • Talk about art: Painting
  • Chapter 5: The Renaissance and Mannerism
  • Portrait of the Renaissance
  • Discoveries in space
  • Sculpture for the city
  • Focus on the figure
  • Inspired by antiquity
  • An eye for detail
  • Artist and scientist
  • Heroism and power
  • Grace and harmony
  • Light and colour
  • Tensions and complexities
  • Portraiture
  • Beyond Italy
  • Flemish art
  • The art of influence: Art, science and technology
  • Variations on a theme: Dreams and visions
  • Issues in art: Conservation of artworks
  • Talk about art: Space and two-dimensional art
  • Chapter 6: The Baroque Age
  • Glory and grandeur
  • The bold and the beautiful
  • Inspired by Rome
  • Dramatic realism
  • Art for the rich and royal
  • Art for the people
  • Focus on everyday
  • The art of influence: Academies and academic art
  • Variations on a theme: The Landscape
  • Issues in art: Her story in art 1
  • Talk about art: Subjects in art
  • Chapter 7: The Eighteenth Century
  • The pursuit of pleasure
  • Love and romance
  • A revolutionary era
  • A classical revival
  • Two English portrait painters
  • A social critic
  • The art of influence: East meets west
  • Variations on a theme: Relationships
  • Issues in art: Her story in Art 2
  • Talk about art: Some approaches to art making
  • Chapter 8: Romanticism and Realism
  • The beauty of line
  • Emotion and action
  • Romantic visions
  • The Romantic landscape
  • Sublime beauty
  • Drawn from real life
  • The art of work
  • Painters of Barbizon
  • Plein-air painting in Australia
  • Images of a Nation
  • The art of influence: Nineteenth century art and photography
  • Variations on a theme: Work
  • Issues in art: What's in a name?
  • Talk about art: Printmaking
  • Chapter 9: Impressionism and Beyond
  • A painter of modern life
  • The Impressionist landscape
  • Paris by day
  • Paris by night
  • A day in the country
  • A day at home
  • Art of order
  • Art of feeling
  • Impressions in Bronze
  • The art of influence: Oceanic and African art
  • Variations on a theme: Food, glorious food
  • Issues in art: Art criticism
  • Talk about art: Modern, post-modern and contemporary
  • Chapter 10: New Visitors
  • The wild beasts
  • German expressionism
  • Cubism
  • Futurism
  • Abstract art in Russia
  • Geometric abstraction
  • An Anti-art
  • Surrealism: Art from within
  • Surrealism: Illusion and reality
  • Personal visions
  • Modernism in Australia: Sydney
  • Modernism in Australia: Melbourne
  • The Third dimension
  • The art of influence: It looks like a child did it
  • Variations on a theme: Animals
  • Issues in art: Borrowed images and artist's rights
  • Talk about art: New ideas and techniques in twentieth-century art
  • Chapter 11: Action and Reaction
  • Abstract expressionism
  • Energy and action in paint
  • Colour field painting
  • Abstraction: Into the Third dimension
  • Hard edge painting
  • An abstract landscape
  • Pop art
  • Pop go the Sixties
  • The female figure: Another dimension
  • Art and optics
  • The art of influence: Artistic partnerships
  • Variations on a theme: The representation of gender
  • Issues in art: Putting a price on art
  • Talk about art: The elements of art
  • Chapter 12: Ideas and Themes
  • New realism
  • Earth art
  • Art and idea
  • Performance art
  • Old materials, new art
  • A feminist perspective
  • Installation art
  • Aboriginal art
  • The return to figuration
  • Drawing on history and place
  • Appropriation
  • Familiar images, new meanings
  • The art of words
  • The art of influence: Popular culture
  • Variations on a theme: Social commentary and messages
  • Issues in art: Censorship
  • Talk about art: Composition
  • Index