WA Handwriting Year 1, 3rd Edition

Eve Recht

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WA Handwriting Year 1, 3rd Edition

By Eve Recht
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Eve Recht
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WA Handwriting is a handwriting series full of interesting writing to read, copy and enjoy: stories and poems; recipes and experiments; maps and diagrams; jokes, crosswords and more. This new edition also provides clear instructions for letter formation and an increased emphasis on children developing handwriting skills by composing their own texts.
WA Handwriting:
  • promotes understanding of the purposes of writing
  • helps develop Modern Cursive style
  • encourages correct letter formation through clear models and instructions
  • develops fluency and legibility
  • enhances spelling skills
  • provides extension work
  • provides formats for children to write their own handwriting activities
  • encourages self-assessment.
WA Handwriting Year 1:
  • letters presented in family groupings and alphabetically with patterning closely linked to letters
  • very clear letter formation models with starting and finishing dots and arrows
  • emphasis on both lower case and capitals
  • text organisers such as headings and tables
  • Write Your Own pages
  • 24 mm lines with dotted thirds.

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