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Pearson Primary Atlas

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The atlas contains detailed maps that are supplemented by wonderful photographs. In addition, the atlas has extra detail in the Australian section, featuring key people and places, tourist attractions, facts and statistics for each state and territory. There's also a regional focus case study and detailed metropolitan area map with satellite images at the same scale for every state.

The rich visuals and statistics make the Pearson Primary Atlas the ideal resource for school projects and for locating places within Australia and around the world.

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Pearson Australia
Table of contents
  1. Atlas skills
  2. Continents: Australia
  3. Australia: states and territories
  4. Issues for Australia and the world
  5. The world
  6. Continents: Asia
  7. Continents: Europe
  8. Continents: North America
  9. Continents: South America
  10. Continents: Africa
  11. Polar regions
  12. World statistics
  13. Country flags
Features & benefits
The Pearson Primary Atlas includes:
  • Alpha-numeric grid for quick referencing.
  • Mini global locator map.
  • World statistics section, with the most current data for all countries.
  • Extreme facts boxes with fascinating facts linked to locations in each continent.
  • Political features as well as global and local issues.
  • Tectonic plate sections for each continent.
  • Scale shown as a ratio, a linear scale and a statement.

All main reference maps contain:

  • Mini global locator map.
  • Three expressions of scale: ratio, linear and statement.
  • At the same scale box visually comparing the size of the mapped area to Australia.
  • Arrows linking to continuation maps on other pages.
  • Clear representation of land and sea topography through the use of 3-D hill shading and a contemporary geographical colour palette.
  • Introductory paragraph of text and a rich array of visual stimuli to cater for different learning styles.
Australian maps include:
  • Broadsheet-style approach for state and territory pages, featuring key people and places, tourist attractions, a cross-section and area fact file.
  • Locator map to show the state/territory position within Australia and indicate its percentage of the total land area.
  • Regional focus case study and detailed metropolitan area map with satellite image at the same scale.
Continental sections include:
  • Tectonic plate section opener displaying natural features of each landmass through stunning satellite imagery.
  • Political features and physical features maps drawn at the same scale.
  • Extreme facts boxes showing the location of fascinating facts for each continent.
Target audience
Suitable for all primary levels.