Introduction to Tourism in Australia: development, issues and change, 5th Edition

Colin Michael Hall

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Introduction to Tourism in Australia: development, issues and change, 5th Edition

By Colin Michael Hall
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Colin Michael Hall
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The 5th Edition of Introduction to Tourism: development, issues and change continues to draw together many of the contemporary issues and themes in Australian and international tourism in a manner that is easy to understand and useful to students. The book has been substantially revised in terms of the events, developments and literature of recent years with new pedagogy added to create an even better learning platform for students of:

  • tourism
  • hospitality
  • leisure
  • recreation
  • geography
  • environmental studies
  • resource management, and
  • business studies and international business.
  • The text offers comprehensive coverage of Australasian material and integrates current international material.
  • It includes discussion of major current issues facing tourism with respect to marketing, environmental change, increasing oil prices, political crisis and the development of regional Australia.
  • There are rich references to other texts and literature.
  • Internet addresses for tourism resources are provided. This makes it easier for students to access the most recent statistical and policy information from relevant tourism organisations.
  • The text is student-friendly and uses examples that regional students will be familiar with.
  • The text is connected to relevant web-based case studies and readings.
Table of contents

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List of plates
List of abbreviations
  1: The scope of tourism studies: tourist, tourism and mobility
  2: The tourism system
  3: Historical dimensions of tourism
  4: Why do we travel? Tourist motivations and constraints 
  5: Marketing tourism
  6: Imaging and branding the destination
  7: Governance and tourism
  8: Tourism and economic change
  9: Tourism and sociocultural change
10: Tourism and environmental change
11: Tourism planning and destination development
12: Tourism in rural and peripheral areas
13: Urban tourism development
14: Tourism futures