Mirai 1 Teacher's Book

Meg Evans all

Mirai 1 Teacher's Book

By Meg Evans, Yoko Masano, Setsuko Taniguchi
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Meg Evans all
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Each unit in this Teacher's Book matches each unit in the student book. The units include suggestions for sequencing; listening texts; flash cards; group work activities; blackline masters and addresses to the activity book puzzles and sample tests.

Pearson takes great pride in our authors. We source authors and contributors that are industry leading experts, with extensive experience of teaching and learning in their fields, from every state of Australia. We commission only the best authors who offer valuable insights and something unique to bring to the project.
Contributing Authors: Meg Evans, Yoko Masano and Setsuko Taniguchi
  • Detailed notes on suggested sequencing of materials
  • Blackline masters for flashcards and games
  • Further activities
  • Links to the internet
  • Sample tests
  • Answers to the activity book
Target audience
To accompany Mirai Student Book 1 (Years 7-8)
Series overview

Mirai is a full-colour, user-friendly language course, with a fun and engaging approach to Japanese language that will appeal to both students and teachers. Authentic and up-to-date photos and maps are presented in context so that Australian students gain an appreciation of Japanese language and culture. Mirai is written in line with LOTE National Profiles and addresses the three strands of writing, reading, and listening and speaking.