Blueprints Middle Primary B: Teacher's Resource Book

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Blueprints Middle Primary B: Teacher's Resource Book

By Trish Leigh, Susie Brown, Kerrie Shanahan, Merilyn Davidson
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Trish Leigh all
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Blueprints is a series that provides a variety of graded texts to meet the different learning levels within your classroom.

With a colourful and eye-catching design, students are provided with a firm scaffold of learning experiences to support discovery learning, and the development of higher order thinking skills.

Key features of the Blueprints Teacher's Resource Book are:

  • gives teachers confidence by covering all literacy outcomes
  • sequential development of skills - teachers will be able to see the development of skills
  • comprehension questions and strategies are included so teachers can ensure all levels of comprehension are checked
  • glossary of teaching terms - teachers can identify with current pedagogical thinking
  • guided reading questions included
  • explicit teaching strategies included
  • detailed teaching notes and activities for each phase of each unit
  • Blooms/Gardner Matrix provided
  • assessment matrix provided.


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