Blueprints Middle Primary A: Teacher's Resource Book

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Blueprints Middle Primary A: Teacher's Resource Book

By Jan Pritchett, Merilyn Davidson, Maureen Hyland
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Blueprints is a series that provides a variety of graded texts to meet the different learning levels within your classroom.

With a colourful and eye-catching design, students are provided with a firm scaffold of learning experiences to support discovery learning, and the development of higher order thinking skills.

The streamlined approach teaches literacy along with other learning areas, one unit per term. The fiction and non-fiction topic books explore concepts introduced in the Big Ideas Book in greater depth. Interactive activities on the CD within each unit extend learning beyond the texts.


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Key features of the Blueprints Teacher's Resource Book are:

  • gives teachers confidence by covering all literacy outcomes
  • sequential development of skills - teachers will be able to see the development of skills
  • comprehension questions and strategies are included so teachers can ensure all levels of comprehension are checked
  • glossary of teaching terms - teachers can identify with current pedagogical thinking
  • guided reading questions included
  • explicit teaching strategies included
  • detailed teaching notes and activities for each phase of each unit
  • Blooms/Gardner Matrix provided
  • assessment matrix provided.