Blueprints Middle Primary B Unit 3: The Captain's Diary

Wendy Macdonald

Blueprints Middle Primary B Unit 3: The Captain's Diary

By Wendy Macdonald
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Wendy Macdonald
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Captain James Cook was a British explorer. In 1768, he sailed out from England on the Endeavour. His first mission was to sail to Tahiti to record Venus passing in front of the Sun. His second mission was to look for the Great South Land. He and his crew made some amazing discoveries. Read about the captain's diary and find out about his adventures.

  • Provides a comprehensive series where literacy skills are developed sequentially through explicit teaching.
  • Emphasises reading for learning and poses issues that affect children today.
  • Provides a scaffold for children to understand and investigate those issues.
  • Connects student learning to the real world and encourages them to contemplate what's happening in their daily lives.
  • Integrated enquiry units support an enquiry-based learning approach.
Series overview

Blueprints is a series that provides a variety of graded texts to meet the different learning levels within your classroom.

With a colourful and eye-catching design, students are provided with a firm scaffold of learning experiences to support discovery learning, and the development of higher order thinking skills.

The streamlined approach teaches literacy along with other learning areas, one unit per term. The fiction and non-fiction topic books explore concepts introduced in the Big Ideas Book in greater depth. Interactive activities on the CD within each unit extend learning beyond the texts.

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