All Write! 4 Rigby NSW Foundation Handwriting: Sharing the Planet

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All Write! 4 Rigby NSW Foundation Handwriting: Sharing the Planet

By Murray Evely, Christine Evely
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All Write! is a practical and fun workbook program that helps students to learn to write legibly and fluently. With a focus on correct pencil grip and comfortable posture, All Write! enables students to successfully access the curriculum and meet everyday writing needs.

Illustrations incorporate lower case letters and words in an innovative, multisensory approach to help students create a memory map linking letter formation with letter-sound relationships. The learning of joined handwriting is related to graphic organisers and a range of text types. Activities relate to the NSW Foundation Statements through a key theme at each year level.


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Students use joined letters when writing in NSW Foundation Style (Stage 2)

The Year 4 book is organised around the theme 'Sharing the Planet' and provides:

  • illustrated letters, words and sentences to reinforce correct letter formation and to develop phonemic awareness and visual processing skills
  • fluency patterns to help students to internalise or 'feel' correct writing movements
  • sequenced practice of essential skills, including correct joining movements, needed to join letters legibly
  • modelled, guided and independent practice through tracing, tracking and writing
  • a slope card to help students maintain consistent, shape, size and slope
  • a fun game to reinforce skills and knowledge
  • self- and peer-assessment opportunities
  • practical teacher resources.
Series overview
The All Write! program puts handwriting into context for New South Wales students. The practical, straight-forward approach makes teaching handwriting easy for teachers.

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